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3 Best Car Mobile Phone Holders in India (Updated)

Best Car Mobile Phone Holders
Car Mobile Phone Holders

I don’t have to tell you why a car mobile holder is necessary because you already know that and that’s why you’re reading this article.

Now, there are tons of Car Mobile holders available in India and I have also tried more than five-car mobile holders.

So here, I will share with you my sixth car mobile holder along with others, so you can choose the one you like the most…

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HIKER Aluminium Car Mobile Holder

Hands down, the best mobile holder you can buy for your car, it is made out of metal, so can’t complain about the build. It relies on the magnet, so yes, you have to attach a metal plate to the back of your smartphone.

By the way, you will get two metal plates, one is round and the second will be rectangular.

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The magnet is very powerful, so it will hold your smartphone very tight.

Overall, it’s worth buying a car mobile holder and you won’t be disappointed after buying it but still if you don’t want that magnetic mobile holder then let’s see, the another mobile holder for your car.

ELV Adjustable Car Phone Holder

I think you may have used this kind of car mobile holder but if you haven’t then you can give it try. The only thing I don’t like is, after six months of use, the two of its arms get loose and when there is a bump, the phone will slip out.

The holder also has a hook that you need to lock to attach to the car. The lock is kind of okay because, after some time, it gets loose too. By the way, it’s made out of 100% plastic.

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Overall, this is not a very expensive car mobile holder, so can’t complain much. It’s worth buying but again, you have to replace this holder every year or every six months.

Tarkan [Rubberized] Car Mobile Holder

Now, there will be some people who want different designs and this is for those people. The Tarkan [Rubberized] Car Mobile Holder goes directly into to car AC space and it’s also steady too, so the phone won’t fall down.

The Tarkan [Rubberized] Car Mobile Holder is also available at a very affordable price too, so yes, can’t complain much.

Now, if you ask me, I don’t like this kind of design but still, if you like the design then give it try. By the way, the holder is made out of good quality, so there won’t be any kind of issue with the build and durability.


I have only shared 3 car mobile holders and you pick anyone and you won’t be disappointed with the quality.

As I said, there are tons of car mobile holders available and you can’t try all of them, so if you ask me, I would recommend the HIKER Aluminium Car Mobile Holder but still, if you don’t the design then you can choose others too.

Winner: HIKER Aluminium Car Mobile Holder

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Links on topbestinINDIA may earn us a commission (Learn More)

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