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Top Best Smart Plugs for Home in India (Updated)

Best Smart Plugs in India
Smart Plugs

We’re seeing most of the brands are launching smart home products including smartphone companies too. I have already covered the best smart bulbs in India and now it’s time to talk about Best Smart Plugs.

We have tons of options when it comes to Smart Plugs but you can’t buy all of them and that’s why I have selected the top best smart plugs which will make your life ever smarter too. So let’s begin…

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Wipro Smart Plug

Wipro offers 10W and 16W Smart Plugs. So if you want a smart plug for AC, refrigerator, or washing machine then you have to go with Wipro 16W Smart Plug but if you want smart plugs for lamplight or laptop or charging then it’s better to go for Wipro 10W Smart Plug.

Depending on the power, you have to choose one for your Smart Home.

Wipro is a well-known brand in India, so there won’t be any issue with their products. Wipro also offers the Wipro Next Smart Home app where you will be able to control the Wirpo Smart plug.

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The Wipro Smart Plug works with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can use the Wipro Smart Plugs with your favorite Smart Speaker.

Helea Smart Plug 

Helea is a kind of budget-friendly Smart Plug you can buy in India. The Wipro 10W Smart Plug is available at Rs 899 while the Helea 16W Smart Plug is available at Rs 899.

So if you’re buying a Smart Home device for the smart time then you can give try Helea Smart Plug. They offer everything that can be found in the Wipro Smart plug.

If you ask me, I would recommend you to go with Wipro because well-known brand but if you want a budget-friendly smart plug then you can also go with Helea. Also, you won’t any kind of problem while using the smart plug, it has all the features that Smart Plug Should have.

By the way, Helea Smart Plug can be used on Alexa and Google Assistant.

RealMe 6W Smart Plug

Yes, RealMe is a Smartphone brand but they also have smart home devices too. The RealMe Smart Plug is only available 6W which is not the best but if you’re already using RealMe Smart Home products then this could be a good option.

You will be able to control the RealMe Smart Plug with RealMe Link App and it works with Alexa as well as Google Assistant.

Overall, this is a bit pricey compared to Wipro. So if you can pay extra money for Realme Brand then RealMe Smart Plug is a good option.

By the way, as of now, RealMe Smart Plug is available in only 6W, there is no other option available in India.

Amazon Smart Plug

Last but not the least, we have Amazon 6W Smart Plug and this is the most expensive Smart Plug available in India. Its priced at Rs 1,999 for 6W which is not the perfect price.

So I don’t recommend this Smart Plug but if you want to plug and use a product then this could be it. You don’t have to use any additional app for this plug, the Alexa app will detect the plug even without connecting to the app.

For those people who don’t want to use any third-party app then Amazon Smart Plugs is a good option. Again, it’s not for everything because the same 6W plug is available for Rs 700 too.


Wipro Smart Plug is by far the best Smart Plug you can buy in India. It offers everything that you need and it’s also available at a good price. Overall, it’s a good SMart Plug to buy for the smart Home in India.

Winner – Wipro Smart Plug

That was it, do let me know which Smart Plug do you use in your home or if you’re not using any, which one would you buy?

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Links on topbestinINDIA may earn us a commission (Learn More)

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