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Top Best Smart Speakers in India (Updated)

Best Smart Speakers in India
Smart Speakers

Smart Speakers are very common these days but still, if you’re not using any smart speaker then it’s time, you get one for your home.

We have tons of options to choose from but you won’t buy every single smart speaker, so here, I’m sharing with you the top best smart speakers. So choose one as per your requirement.

By the way, I’m using Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation for my home. Now, let’s jump into the list…

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Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation

If you want a smart speaker for home automation then there is no better choice than Amazon Alexa. Amazon offers various choices but I feel, the newly launched Amazon Echo Dot 4th gen is the best option to go with.

Alexa can also answer almost all the questions but still when it comes to some of the deep questions, it’s not the best.

By the way, Echo Dot 4th Gen has a round design and the sound quality is also good. The speaker has three microphones, so the Alexa can hear you without any problems.

Overall, for home automation where you will control, smart bulbs, smart plugs and even smart TV. The Alexa is a better option compared to any other smart speaker.

By the way, during Amazon sailing days, you can get this Echo Dot as low as rs 3,299.

Google Home Mini 

We all know, how good is Google assistant. So there is nothing much to say but when it comes to home automation, Amazon Alexa gets some extra points.

So if you’re that person, who wants a smart speaker for questions then it’s better to go with Google Home mini.

By the way, you will be able to control your home with Google Home Mini too.

Almost all the IoT products support Google assistant but still when it comes to home automation, there is no better option than Amazon Alexa.

By the way, Google has recently launched the Google Next home which is a bigger version of Google Home Mini. So if you want bigger speakers then you can spend Rs 6,999.

Overall, it depends on you, what you will do with smart speakers. For me, I wanted smart speakers for Home Automation, so I went with Alexa. I can also, set reminders, alarms and ask some of the questions too.

Now if you want a Smart speaker for questions then Google Assistant could be a better option.

Apple Home Pod Mini

Here I won’t say much, so let me just answer very quickly…

If you have iPhone or using Apple products and if you want a smart speaker then you can go with Apple home Pod Mini for a better experience.

We all know, Siri is not very good but still, for Apple users, this won’t be a huge problem.

Now, if you’re not using Apple Products then don’t think about Apple Home Pod. Choose between Google home mini and Echo Dot 4th Gen.

Verdict – Best Smart Speaker

No prices for guessing, yes, Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation is by far the best smart speaker you can buy in India. It offers everything you will be needed for Home Automation and even for personal use.

It can also play music from all the music streaming apps except YouTube Music.

Winner – Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation

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Links on topbestinINDIA may earn us a commission (Learn More)

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