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Mentioned all the website is well tested and I have used all the website so far for my investment and for many other things. So if you wanted to use any of the websites then go for it, you won’t face any problem.

Still, if you face any problem then do let me know, I would love to help you out. Happy Investing & shopping.

CloudwaysWeb HostingTry for Free
WazirXCrypto Investment Open Free Account
Binance Crypto Investment Open Free Account
Zerodha Stock Market Investment Open Free Account
UpstoxStock Market Investment Open Free Account
AmazonShopping Shop here
CanvaEditing Software Get Here

Web Hosting

Whether your website is small or big, Cloudways is the best option for a WordPress website. I have been using cloudways for about two years and I haven’t faced any problem yet.

Web hosting plan on Cloudways starts from Rs 900 and that’s is, it’s not like other web hosting provider. You will pay this amount every year, no price increases after a year of use.

Also, this is cloud hosting which means, it is faster than normal web hosting.

Crypto Investment

Crypto is here to stay and whether you can be part of it or talk about it. I have started investing in cryptocurrency around a year ago and, I still, feel, I’m a bit late.

Still, this is not too late to start investing in Crypto. Now, the question is how you can invest in cryptocurrency?

Personally, I use, WazirX for my all crypto investment but if you’re not from India then you can always use Binance Crypto Exchange. Fun fact, WazirX is owned by Binance Crypto Exchange.

Note: This is not financial advice to invest in Crypto. In the end, you will invest your money, think twice before you invest whether it’s the Stock Market Crypto, or anything else.

Stock Market Investment

Unline Cryptocurrency, the stock market is a safer bet. By the way, it’s not like every single listed company will give you profit, you have to shortlist the best companies.

So if you’re that person who doesn’t want to take risks then you can skip out on cryptocurrency and start investing in the stock market.

Talking about myself, I use Zerodha for my most of the stock market investment. I also use, Upstox but most of my portfolio is on Zerodha.

Mutual Fund Investment

Here, If you’re that person, who doesn’t want to take a risk at all then Mutual Fund would be a safe investment. Also, it’s not like, Mutual Fund is risk-free, there will be some risk but it’s not as big as the stock market.

Again, you can use either Zerodha or Upstox for mutual fund investment. Personally, I don’t invest in Mutual funds.

Also, if you don’t want to take risks at all then go for FD.

Online Shopping

Just like everyone else, I use Amazon to buy most of the things but if something is not available on Amazon then I visit


I’m a very simple person, I use Canva whether I want to post on Instagram or Telegram. You can also use the free version of Canva but it has some limitations, so if you’re making YouTube videos or you’re Instagram Influencer then it’s a must to have Canva Pro.

It makes life easier. Every time you want to post on Instagram, you don’t have to open Photoshop or any other apps, Canva has everything that you need.

Of course, if your profession is photography then Canva is not the best option for you but for content creators, Canva is a must to have a tool that will save your time and money.

That was it, I would love to share with you the top best products to buy but I have already posted them on the website.

By the way, you can chat with me on Telegram Group and if you want to save money then you can always join Telegram Channel.

Do let me know, which service do you use?

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