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Fitness Bands

Top Best Fitness Bands Under Rs 3,000 in India (Updated)

Best Fitness Bands Under Rs 3,000

Recently, I talked about, why it doesn’t make any sense to buy budget smartwatches in India and why you should buy a fitness band, and now, it’s time to take look at some of the best fitness bands under Rs 3,000 in India because again, it doesn’t make any sense to spend more than 3k on a fitness band.

India is a very competitive market and that’s why we have smart bands from Samsung, Mi, RealMe, OnePlus, Fitbit, Honor, and more but you can’t just buy them all.

That’s why I have added the list of the best fitness bands below this paragraph but before you buy any of them, let’s take look at each and every smart band, so you can decide which one is best?

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Mi Band 5

Mi Band 5
Display Size1.1-inches AMOLED (126 * 294)
Screen Brightness450 Nits
Body size47.2 x 18.5 x 12.4mm
SensorsHigh precision six-axis sensor + PPG heart rate sensor
Six-axis sensor: three-axis acceleration sensor + three-axis gyroscope
PPG heart rate sensor
Battery Size125 mAh (2hr Charging Time) (Magnetic Charging)
System requirementsAndroid 5.0 or iOS 10.0 and above

Xiaomi has already launched Mi band 6 in China and it should be coming to India very soon but till then you can take look at Mi band 5 which is also a good option. Also, there is no huge difference between Mi band 5 and 6.

Mi Band 6 has a large 1.1-inches AMOLED display and the display brightness is 450 nits. There is nothing to complain about the display here, it’s the best you can get on a fitness band and this is also priced at Rs 2,499 in India at this price, it’s the best option available in India.

Of course, the Mi band 5 is waterproof which means you can use Mi 5 while swimming or any other activity. The band comes with 16MB of storage and 512kb of Ram which is more than enough for a smart band.

The biggest future of Mi band 5 (review) is Magnetic Charging which means you don’t have to take out Mi band 5 from the stripe to charge. The battery size is 125mAh which will last for 14 days as per Xiaomi but in real life, expect about 10 to 12 days of battery life.

Overall, if your budget is under Rs 3,000 and if you want the best fitness band then there is no better option than Mi band 5. By the way, Honor Band 6 (review) is better than Mi band 5 but it’s priced at Rs 4,000 which is a bit extra but totally different from Mi band 5.

Honor band 5

Display Size0.95-inches AMOLED (240 x 120)
Screen BrightnessUnspecified
Body size43 x 17.2 x 11.5 mm
Sensors6-axis Accelerometer,
Infrared Wear, Gyroscope,
Optical Heart Rate Sensor
Battery SizeUnspecified
System requirementsAndroid 4.0 and above

After the launch of Honor 6, Honor stopped selling Honor band 5 on Amazon and Flipkart, so if you want to buy Honor Band 5 then you have to buy from Offline stores.

Honor Band 5 comes with a 0.95-inches AMOLED display with 240 x 120 Pixels resolution. This band too has good display quality and it’s visible under the sunlight, also it has Adjustable screen brightness which means, you don’t have to worry about the display, it will Adjustable the screen according to day and night.

Here comes the big part, Honor uses the Health app to store the data from Honor band 5, and the Health app is the best to views sleep data, and exercise data because the app has simple use and it’s easy to use, I would say, its better than Mi Fit App.

Honor Band 5 also has a Spo2 Sensor to Monitor oxygen saturation levels in the bloodstream.

Overall, Honor band 5 has launched when Xiaomi launched Mi Band 4, so you can’t compare Honor Band 5 to Mi band 5. All in all, Honor band 5 is also not a band option.

OnePlus Band

OnePlus Band
Display Size1.1-inches AMOLED (126 * 294)
Screen BrightnessUnspecified
Body size40.4mm x 17.6mm x 11.45mm (Main Tracker)
40.4mm x 17.6mm x 11.95mm (Including heart rate sensor)
257mm x 21.0mm x 0.7mm (Band Strap only)
SensorsBlood Oxygen Sensor¹
3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope
Optical heart rate sensor
Battery Size100 mAh (Wired Charging)
System requirementsAndroid 6.0 and above
Bluetooth 4.2 and above

OnePlus is entered into IoT devices and this is their first attempt. OnePlus band is priced at Rs 2,499 and at this price you’re also getting Mi band 5 and any day, you can go with Mi band 5 but if you don’t like the design of but Mi band 5 then here OnePlus band for you.

OnePlus band comes with a 1.1-inches AMOLED display with 126 x 294 pixels resolution and it has Adjustable screen brightness. Like Xiaomi and Honor, OnePlus also has its own OnePlus Health app where you can control the OnePlus band.

The band also has a Spo2 Sensor and heart rate sensor. The battery size is 100 mAh and as per OnePlus the band will last for 14-days but you expect around 10 days with a full charge.

Overall, the OnePlus Band (review) is a good option and for those who don’t know, it’s a re-brand of the OPPO Band and that’s why OnePlus didn’t bother to change the design.

Bonus Fitness Bands

Honor Band 6 is Priced at Rs 4,000 in India and it’s available on Flipkart. It’s a bit pricey but it also has the best massive 1.47-inches AMOLED display and it shows everything on the band itself, so you don’t have to use a smartphone to see, sleep time record, or workout record.

Overall, if you can add a thousand more to your budget then Honor band 6 would be the best option, and also if you can find Honor Watch ES then just go for that. Honor stopped selling Honor Watch ES after the launch Of Honor Band 6.

Mi band 4 is also a good option but it misses out on Spo2 Sensor, Stress monitor, and more. So it’s not the best option but it’s also available at Rs 1,999 in India.


Mi band 5 is the best Fitness Band under Rs 3,000 in India because it has a larger AMOLED display, Spo2 sensor, Magnetic Charging, bigger battery size, solid build quality, Breathing exercises mode, and many other features which make this best budget Fitness Band in India.

Unless Honor reduces the price of Honor band 6 to Rs 3,000 then Mi band 5 will rule the budget segment.

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Links on topbestinINDIA may earn us a commission (Learn More)

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