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Top 5 Best Web Browsers You Should be Using – Skip Chrome?

Best Web Browser
Best Web Browser

When it comes to the internet, we don’t think much about our privacy and this is high time, we should care much about our data because, companies like Facebook and many others are making money from your name, mobile number, and even Email ID.

So it’s better to use a privacy-centric web browser. This is the reason why I’m writing this post, let me share with you the top 5 web browsers which you can use.

Some of them are not privacy-centric which you will find under each browser section. So let’s jump into the best web browser which you should be using…

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Brave Browser

What’s Good?What’s Bad?
Privacy Centric Non, as of now.
Earn Money
Integrated ad-blocker
Tor Browser integrated
Won’t hurt the Website Owner earning
Fast and Secured
Customization options

Recently, I reviewed the Brave Browser on MobileDrop and I have said, if you want a future-proof browser then you should be using Brave Browser.

For those who don’t know, Brave Browser is founded by Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla (Firefox). Also, the Brave Browser is integrated with BAT Token from which you can earn money.

Brave Browser has an integrated ad-blocker which means, you won’t see any kind of ads on a website or even on YouTube videos.

Now, this is a big problem for those websites that rely on an advertisement, like our website.

So when you earn BAT Token, the brave browser will automatically send BAT Token to all the websites you visited. You can also, set a limit for, how much BAT Token you want to give to which website.

This way, you’re not hurting the website owners by disabling the ads.

You can also sync all the data from PC to Mobile or even to Tablets. It also supports all Chrome extensions and addons.

Overall, Brave Browser is by far the best web browser available for PC and Mobile too.

Firefox Browser

mozilla firefox browser
What’s Good?What’s Bad?
Privacy Centric Ad-Blocking can Hurt
the Website Owners earning
Integrated ad-blockerThe mobile app UI needs Improvement
Fastest Browser Available
Customization options

You already knew this will come. If you don’t want to use Brave Browser for some reason or if you’re already using Firefox then there is no need to switch to Brave Browser.

Still, If you ask me, you should switch to Brave Browser.

Just like Brave Browser, Firefox also integrated an ad-blocker but the problem is, the website owner won’t get anything in retund. So this way, you’re hurting website owners by disabling ads.

By the way, Firefox Browser also supports almost all the Chrome extensions and addons, so there won’t be an issue.

Also, Firefox too focuses on user privacy, it’s not like Google Chrome. So there is no big consent about privacy.

Now, the problem with firefox is, Mobile UI, it’s not user-friendly. It feels like old school, if Firefox works on the Mobile interface then it would be good but as of now, it’s not as good as Brave Browser or Chrome.

Also, there won’t be an issue with Sync, you just need to use Firefox User ID and Password and everything will be Synced with Mobile.

Opera Browser

Opera Browser
What’s Good?What’s Bad?
Privacy Centric Ad-Blocking can Hurt
the Website Owners earning
Integrated ad-blocker
Fast and Secured
Customization options

This is a feature-rich browser, it has an ad-blocker, VPN, Gaming mode, and much more. One thing to note here, the browser doesn’t have a true VPN, Opera uses a Proxy and it is slower.

If you want to use Opera VPN to watch movies or TV Shows then you will be disappointed. Also, Opera VPN is free, so can’t expect everything to be perfect but still, it gets the job done.

Also, Opera is built on google chromium which means, it has all the Chrome extensions and addons, so there won’t be an issue.

The Opera Mobile Browser is also good, I mean, it is better than Firefox, especially on mobiles.

If you want to try something new you can also try out Opera GX which is built for gaming.

Overall, if you didn’t like the first two browsers then Opera could be your next browser.

Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome Browser
What’s Good?What’s Bad?
Fast and Secured compromises in privacy
Customization options

I don’t recommend the Chrome browser because Google tracks everything. Also, Google earns most of the money from ads, so if I search for something on google or anywhere else, Google will show ads about that product.

It’s kind of scary, So I stopped using the browser years ago.

Also, Chrome consumes hall lot of power on the PC, so that was another reason for me to switch to Brave Browser.

As this is a Google product, it has all extensions and add-ons and much more. Again, it doesn’t have an ad-blocker or VPN, or any privacy-centric features.

Still, if you want to use Chrome then go for it but you will be compromising in privacy.

Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge Browser
What’s Good?What’s Bad?
Privacy Centric Ad-Blocking can Hurt
the Website Owners earning
Integrated ad-blockerNot Good For Mobiles
Fast and Secured
Customization options

Microsoft is also using google chromium which means, it supports all the extensions and add-ons, so there won’t be any problems like the older Edge Browser.

Now keep in mind, that the Microsoft Edge browser had some Security issues in the past which they have fixed but still, some people don’t like to use Edge for security reasons.

Talking about features, it does have an ad-blocker but it doesn’t block the YouTube ads.

Microsoft has added tons of features in the very helpful browser. Do note, that Edge for Mobile is not that great, it doesn’t Sync history from PC.

Microsoft has said, Mobile version will get all the features from the PC version but still, there are not available yet.

Overall, the Edge browser is also a good browser and you can give it try, if you like it then you can use it as a daily driver but the Mobile version is not that great compare to other browsers.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which is the Best Browser for Mobiles?

A: Brave Browser is the Best Browser for Mobile as it focuses on Privacy and you can also earn money while using the browser.

Q: Which is the Best Browser for PC?

A: Brave Browser is the Best Browser for PC as it focuses on Privacy and you can also earn money while using the browser.

Q: Which is the best Browser other than Google Chrome?

A: There are many but if you want to move from Chrome then give try Brave or even Firefox Browser, they are better than Chrome Browser in all possible ways.

Q: Which is the Safest Web Browser?

A: Most of the web browsers are safe to use but if you want a privacy-centric browser then give try Brave, Firefox, or even Tor Browser.

Q: Which Web Browser uses the least RAM?

A: The Answer is Brave Browser and Firefox, Both use the least RAM, they come very close, so it is hard to tell.

Q: Why one should not use Chrome Browser?

A: We all know, Google makes on from ads, so they won’t add an ad-blocker inside the browser. Also, they collect the user data which is not good but still, they do. So if you care about your privacy then you should stop using Chrome Browser on Mobiles and even on PC.


Brave Browser is the best Browser which you can use on PC or even on Mobile and you won’t face any kind of problem. It’s fast, focus on users’ privacy, and much more.

By the way, you can also use Tor Browser too and if you want Tor Browser then you can just use the Browser Browser because it has Tor Browser integrated into the PC version.

That was it, do let me know, which browser are you using on PC or even on Mobile?

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